On the market: Unusual Oregon dome homes (photos)

People have fantasies about domes. They think, “Hey, if I lived in a round, bubble-top house, nothing would get caught in the corners. It would feel like I was in a cave or some convex shelter. Still, cool.” Or maybe that’s just me.

Real estate agents look at properties with less emotion. If there’s a seller, they hope to find a buyer. The more mainstream a home is, the more potential buyers there will be. A dome’s appeal, however, is limited.

Some people don’t like domes. These shell-like structures battle chronic roof leaks. They’re a hassle and expensive. It takes a maze of wood pieces and lots of custom work to build a permanent one.

Some people love domes. They appreciate curves and unconventional living. Geodesic dome homes look a bit like half of Saturn when they have a wraparound deck. A giant triangular window or skylight makes them look like mini observatory towers. Rounded sinks and mirrors seem to be the right peg in a round home.

Adrienne St Clair of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Real Estate Professionals has seen her share of domes in Eugene. And she and her team have sold so many she has to use her fingers to count them: There’s the one on Derbyshire Lane and Lancer Lane and the one on Lorane Highway is perhaps more of a yurt.

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