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Great investment advice. Reliable, responsive and knew the market so well. I would highly recommend Jim.


When the Jim McCartan brings an asset to market, clearly two things happen; 1) buyers want to work with him because they appreciate the genuine care that expresses itself in transparent communications and smooth transaction details, and 2) sellers benefit from his extensive market knowledge and wise guidance. Sellers get the most favorable deep market exposure because when he calls and asks qualified buyers to give a property a serious look – they will. Jim is a straight shooter who will go beyond what is expected because he genuinely cares about people.

Stan Meyers

Jim is easy to work with and is extremely knowledgeable about the Portland market. When Jim calls with “good deal”, you listen. His investment packages are thorough, and he provides assistance through not only the acquisition but also the post–closing process. Part of the biggest benefit is Jim’s ability to connect with the smaller private investor. I look forward to working with Jim on many more successful transactions.”

Steve Day
I like working with Jim McCartan because he has a unique quality among brokers of ‘telling it like it is’. He is honest about the properties he sells and doesn’t sugar-coat things, so it’s easy to close deals with him because he is very trustworthy. We’ve done several deals together and he, along with his support staff, have done an outstanding job on every one. I would not hesitate in recommending Jim and look forward to working with him again.

Brendan Retz


Jim McCartan has been selling real estate for the past 24 years. He started his career in real estate by selling industrial buildings; after receiving multiple awards for most units sold, Jim decided to shift gears, and started investing in–and acquiring real estate with–a few other private investors. Jim handled everything from the initial acquisition, to acting as general contractor and developing the property. He also assisted with the management of every asset. With his extensive experience in assisting buyers, sellers and investors in the purchase and disposition of all real estate classes, Jim prides himself on his dedication to helping clients reach their goals and his ability to strategically market properties and negotiate transactions. He has an ability to effectively analyze and communicate complex real estate models and markets, contracts, engineering reports and analyses, which helps him to expertly position and market properties to his network of local, national, and international high net worth contacts and clients. Jim graduated from Carroll College in Helena Montana. He is both a licensed Principal Broker and Developer in the State of Oregon.